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Swim happy.

SeaKlear offers a wide range of cost-effective water care products to treat just about any dirty water issue. Our focus is on taking the bad stuff out of your pool, so your family can swim happy.

Pool Products

We offer an arsenal of solutions that will do battle with any pool water problem.

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SeaKlear Commercial - Results you can see!

SeaKlear offers a complete line of products designed, developed, and tested to solve your most complex water quality issues. We understand the challenges of providing cost-effective, timely, and simple solutions to meet the various needs of a broad audience of stakeholders, from municipalities to private property owners, facility managers, and the public.

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Hot Tub Products

SeaKlear offers a full line of easy to use hot tub products. So that you can relax and enjoy your hot tub.

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Mighty Pods

Self Dissolving Pods powered by our industry leading technology. We brought the same easy to use designs that make doing your laundry and cleaning your dishes simple and hassle free, to your pool and hot tub.

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Weekly Care (Pool) 
Cloudy Pool Cure (Pool)
Weekly Care (Hot Tub)
*NEW Spa Pods Shock Oxidizer

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